My wife Pam and I both pursue strong passions.  She rides horses.  I love Golf.  We both love to cook.  We are both very busy people and do not have a lot of spare time, but we both enjoy the ‘comma’ that preparing a meal can provide at the end of the day.

The links that follow will take you to pages we’ve created for some of our favorites.   I will transcribe as accurately I can to the teaspoon and to the minute on the stove or oven.   Pam and I are both convinced that many of the recipes you find in many of the popular websites and magazines have never really been made as listed.    We use recipes only as a guide and modify them on the ‘fly’ to suit our tastes, what we think will turn out best or more importantly require less preparation or cleanup.   Pam loves Le Creuset and many of our dishes will start with EVOO onions and garlic on the stove then add broth and other ingredients and throw it in the oven.

Blood Orange, Fennel & Strawberry Salad

Minestrone Soup

Butternut Squash Pappardelle with Melon Mustard Vinaigrette Salad


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