Revenue Growth – As a key member of the founding executive team at EPIC Technologies LLC, I  grew revenue from $30M to $280M over seven years.  As VP of Sales & Marketing for a Tier 4 EMS company, in just over 18 months, I added 21 new accounts representing $500K in first year revenue and $6M in new projects over the next 12-24 months.

Lean Enterprise – While at EPIC, I led initiatives that in just over a year, cut inventory by half ($2M), lead time by 75%, material cost by 10% ($10M) while raising customer on time delivery from 85% to 99.9%.  After EPIC in one of my first consulting assignments, my implementation of a Demand Flow/Kanban process for an EMS company supporting a large medical device account reduced labor cost and inventory by a third.

Supply Optimization –  At EPIC, I built a supply chain organization from the ground up that delivered world class material cost competitiveness and inventory turn efficiency.  As head of Electronic Components Global Strategic Sourcing at Ford, I saved $180M (13%) in a single year utilizing a combination of contract negotiations, commodity strategies, market testing, value analysis and Total Cost Management.

IT/ERP Implementations & Supplier Collaboration – I’ve led successful implementations on a variety of MRP/ERP systems.  Early on at EPIC, I authored a custom Excel Macro to greatly reduce the time and resources required to process material cost quotes.  I led the development of the custom software that integrated Kanban ‘pulls’ into the existing system eliminating the need for redundant entries while highlight issues to avoid supply problems.

Program Management – I’ve successfully led OEM product launches (Mini Loader, MV600) and OEM Product Development programs (HPPC, EPIC, PTEC).  I’ve been successful in emergency supplier transfers necessitated because of quality or commercial issues (CW, MP).  I’ve launched, closed and transferred EMS production and logistic as well as directly managing EMS programs supporting demanding Automotive, Medical and Industrial customers.

Supply Chain Risk Management – Identified supply chain components at ‘critical’ risk as a result of the Sendai earthquakes in Japan.  Developed a novel process for monitoring supply chain continuity based on lead-time and stocking levels that improved manufacturing line coverage and prevented surprise ‘line down’ situations that was later adopted by suppliers and customers.

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