Who Am I?

A strategic, thought Leader who keeps his sleeves rolled up.  I have Fortune 500 training and experience with a strong track record of success in growing people and building organizations that deliver world class bottom line results.  I have a strong global network of friends, customers and former colleagues who if you were to reach out to them (I would be glad to introduce you) would characterize me as a professional of high integrity who goes the extra mile to get results.

ERP Deployments & Business Process Development

I have a strong background in IT deployments to facilitate Operations and Supply Chain.   I’m very good at implementing software systems, but I’m also a minimalist at heart.   I’m system agnostic and will lead you to the choice that will best fit your business process with the least overhead in the long term.   I will take charge of this program like it was my own business because it is.  I will ask you to spend a bit more time up front that you would like, but I will promise you that the results will more than make up for the investment.  Lastly, I’m a strong negotiator who will more than earn his keep in developing a sourcing strategy and in final negotiations.

Lean Enterprise/Business Process Optimization

The right first step in any improvement initiative regardless if it involves a new IT deployment or not is to develop the best process for the business.  My first hand experience with what it takes to run a world class manufacturing operation combined with my solid experience with Lean methods will help in designing the most effective future business process for your company.   Lastly, I’m a strong negotiator who will more than earn his keep in developing a sourcing strategy and in final negotiations.

Supply Chain Optimization

I’ve been able to drive dramatic cost improvements and supply chain efficiencies in both a Fortune 500 environment as well as within small to medium size companies.   One aftermath of the the great recession is that many companies find themselves with insufficient resources to find and/or take advantage of what is often low hanging opportunities.   My experience covers the entire universe of cost reduction and system improvement methodologies and combined with my network of relationships within the global supply community, I can help you leverage opportunities your team may not even be seeing.

Project Conclusion

My future success is dependent upon your absolute satisfaction because I’m counting on your recommendation to help me win additional business.   At the end of the project, I will give you a letter that I hope you will sign and whatever modifications you choose to make will not subtract from the essence of the message.

To Whom It May Concern,

I engaged Mr. Johnson for a consulting project involving _________________.   He more than delivered on his promise to provide value beyond the direct objective of the project and complete satisfaction overall.  Wally helped us design a better process to implement before we started mapping requirements.   When we chose suppliers, he helped us get the detailed answers we needed.  He supplemented the training provided by the supplier and helped us integrated it into our procedures which was instrumental in our people being effective on launch day.  His negotiating experience in the final selection process was invaluable in delivering savings that offset the cost of the system.  When combining these savings with the operating efficiencies the payback of our system was inside our targeted time window.

I speak not only for myself, but for the entire team, when I say that it was a pleasure working with him.  He is the consummate professional who takes ownership and pride in everything he does and who you can trust to treat your business as if it is his own, because when you hire him, it is.


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