My wife Pam and I had dinner at our favorite place last night (Maurizio’s – Encinitas, CA).   We were there last on Christmas Eve where after our dinner, one of the bus boys sat with us and needed help with a big problem.  Like many of us, he had procrastinated in buying his most important  Christmas gift.   His angst at selecting the perfect gift for his hard-to-buy-for mother combined with working so many shifts over the holidays had left him in a bind. What he had thought was his last chance had closed on him when the store next door wasn’t open prior to shift.

My dear wife mentioned how much Mothers love to be pampered that a spa package might be the best thing.  Mothers spend so much time caring for and worrying about others, a pampering gift couldn’t be more appropriate.  I chimed in with “Hotels are always open, you could probably buy her something on the way home”, not even thinking that you could probably get something like that done on a smartphone.

We saw him last night and asked him how it went.  The smile on his face said it all.  It was a home run.  It felt good to help him.

I share this story in the hope its useful to remind someone else who find themselves in a similar jam. I wish you all the warmest of holidays hopefully sharing some of it with those closest to you and a wonderful start to the new year.


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